Special Solutions
Special Solutions
The performance of a bearing in a application is not only about its quality, it is also about if the bearing type is well selected or designed. So when people need to choose a bearing, you need to consider about the dimensions, loading rates, rotating speed and also tolerances, clearances, lubrication, etc.

As a standard product, a bearing can be used in different applications, but the detailed requests from various applications are different, therefore the performances of the bearings are also different, this is the reason some customers use bearings from very good A brands but the results are not good enough, because they are not suitable enough.

THB has the ability to develop and change the standard bearing to be non-standard to have higher loading rates, higher rotating speed, longer lifetime, higher efficiency of installation, etc. The purpose is to make the bearing more suitable to the applications, this is why some customers found our bearing can perform even better than the A brands'.

Here below we set several examples, if you need us to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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