Technical solutions of slewing ring for longer lifetime
Technical solutions of slewing ring for longer lifetime
Our customer needs huge size slewing rings on ships. They selected the four point contact ball type and requested lifetime to be 20 years. We sent the customer our questionnaire of the working condition, and calculated according to the given information, such as loading cases, we found our customer made a mistake with the selection of the type of slewing ring, it can not meet the use.

At that moment, there were other companies in the market said the customer’s selection was right. Although it is easier to follow customer’s design, we insisted to ask the customer to recheck their design, meanwhile, we provided our calculation to the customer. The technical discussion lasted more than one year, but at the end, our customer found we were right.

Then the customer had the problem that the design of other components connected with the slewing ring had been finished, the mounting dimension can not be changed, especially the inner diameter and outer diameter. After the discussion in details, we made the height of our designed slewing ring to be higher and meanwhile changed the structure to be triple row roller type.

The slewing ring we designed can fulfill customer’s need and helped them to correct the mistake which can cause huge loss, it is extremely expensive to change a slewing ring on a ship.

As an expert of bearing, we help customers to solve problems and save cost by optimized or customized design and products. Our technical knowledge and experience enable us to create value together with customers. Most of the bearings are standard bearings, but we can make them something special which is more suitable for customer’s application: lower cost, higher efficiency, less risk, longer lifetime……

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