Special 608 bearing for high speed skating
Special 608 bearing for high speed skating
Our customer’s product’s greatest advantage in their market is higher speed, the standard bearing used in this application is normally deep groove ball bearing. In order to achieve the higher speed, our customer used a special formula grease which helps but not much or ceramic bearing which helps a lot but very expensive.

We originally provided the standard bearing to them, but during one face to face meeting, we got more information about their philosophy of design and details of the application. After a comprehensive analysis of the working condition, we proposed to change the deep groove ball bearing to angular contact ball bearing.

The first sample was not successful, the target to have a higher speed was achieved, but because of the structure of angular contact ball bearing, it was very often that the bearing was disassembled when people want to change it. After we understood how to install and uninstall the bearing, we changed the internal structure of the bearing somehow and made a “lock” inside the bearing, the problem was solved.

As a result, our customer has a better option for their product, our special designed bearing helps a lot to save the cost while the requested speed is realized, this helps our customer to have a greater advantage in their market.

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